Senate Hearing on Public Broadcasting on Tuesday

CauseNet for July 12, 2004

On Tuesday, July 13 the Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing on the reauthorization of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). The hearing provides an opportunity for opponents and supporters of public broadcasting to make their voices heard.

The Common Cause community has been circulating a petition throughout the country for the past several months, signed by people like you who want public broadcasting to retain its editorial independence. This petition will be entered into the official record at Tuesday’s hearing as evidence of your strong support for independent public broadcasting and for the continued financial support of the CPB. If you haven’t already signed the petition, please sign it today so your voice can be added to that of the over 52,000 people who have signed it so far!

The next step in the process is the actual reauthorization of the bill. We are still very concerned that foes of public broadcasting will attach amendments to the reauthorizing legislation that could impact the editorial control of public broadcasting, as well as how it is funded. We must not let this happen.

The CPB, which administers federal funding to public broadcast stations, was set up for the express purpose of insulating public broadcasting from government intrusion into program content. We must fight to uphold the ideals of those visionaries - including Common Cause founder, John Gardner - who first promoted the idea of a public broadcasting system that was free to present hard-hitting investigative journalism without the threat of political or corporate pressure.

Common Cause members are leading the fight to protect public broadcasting by circulating the petition to friends, bringing the petition to community events, and speaking out on the issue at public forums throughout the country. Together we will continue to monitor this issue through the reauthorization process. Stay tuned in the days and weeks ahead for more updates on this issue. Our work is not done!

A live web cast of the Tuesday morning hearing is available at