First Victory for Public Broadcasting

March 1, 2004

Our efforts worked!  All of the calls, emails, and meetings with congressional offices completely changed the tone of last Wednesday’s hearing in the House on public broadcasting.  According to our lobbyists, no member of the subcommittee had anything negative to say - in fact some of their comments sounded very much like the language they’ve been hearing from citizens like you.  And we also learned from an official at PBS that she had heard about all of our efforts and thought it made a critical difference in the outcome of the hearing.

Now, it’s on to the Senate.  A Senate committee will soon be holding its own hearing on public broadcasting, and once again, the members of the committee need to hear from you.

We have just over a month to gather enough signatures on a petition to make the case that we value the hard-hitting investigative journalism and other programming on public television and radio stations.  And that we don’t want to see funding for PBS and NPR jeopardized or its content politicized. 

Over 15,000 of you have already made your voices heard in the House of Representatives.  We have set a goal of gathering 50,000 petition signatures to submit at the Senate hearing in April. 

We need your help. 

For information on the CPB campaign: