CPB Playing Politics with Public Broadcasting

CauseNET for June 1, 2004

The New Yorker Magazine released an article yesterday entitled, "Big Bird Flies Right," which exposes several recent incidents that demonstrate the way ideologues within the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) are seeking to shape public TV and public radio.

The CPB provides federal funds to public broadcasting and its primary mission has always been to serve as a "heat shield," protecting programming from political interference. But instead of serving as a "heat shield," CPB now is an agent of partisan wrangling.

There is a problem with the CPB. Whether it is a Democratic or Republican President who appoints them, CPB board members tend to be big political donors who often come with specific ideological agendas. This seems particularly true of the current board.

We cannot let partisan warriors drive an ideological stake in the heart of public broadcasting. At a time when media ownership is increasingly consolidated into fewer corporate hands, we must ensure that the editorial independence of public broadcasting is held sacred.

We are calling on our nearly 300,000 members and supporters to call and fax the CPB TODAY to send a clear message that we won't tolerate playing politics with public broadcasting.

Call CPB Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson at 1(800) 272-2190

Send A FAX by clicking here!

You can have an even greater impact by forwarding this message to your family and friends!

When The New Yorker article "Big Bird Flies Right" is available online, you will be able to find it here: