Comcast Launches Bid for Disney -- Common Cause Responds by Launching a Special Big Media CD 6 Pack


CauseNET for March 4, 2004


Comcast’s proposed takeover of Disney would put unprecedented media control in the hands of one company due largely to the fact that Comcast is already the nation’s top distributor of cable TV with more than 21 million subscribers, AND a top Internet service provider. Add Disney’s vast TV, cable and Internet holdings, which include ABC TV, the Disney Channel and, to name only a few, and the company would control both production and content, likely at the expense of consumers.


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For example, Comcast Disney could favor its own programming and block or charge higher prices to air stations it does not own.  Or Comcast Disney could offer the Disney Channel and Toon Disney on basic cable, but charge expensive premiums for competitors such as Cartoon Network, or refuse to carry them at all. Comcast has a history of playing hardball with competitors, often at the expense of consumers.  In Philadelphia, Comcast’s hometown, many sports fans are unable to watch broadcasts of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers, and Major League Baseball’s Philadelphia Phillies because Comcast owns these franchises and refuses to allow satellite providers to air them.


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