Common Cause, October 21, 2007
The FCC is up to its old tricks again.
They want to set new media ownership rules without any public input -- just like they did in 2003.  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) won't tell us exactly what the new rules would do, but every indication is that they'll let Big Media get even bigger.
Light a fire under Congress
Senator Byron Dorgan said of the FCC's secretive plan: "There is going to be a firestorm of protest, and I will be carrying the wood."
Can you be the spark? Tell Congress to step in and demand that the public have a say in the media ownership debate.
There are still a number of independently-owned television stations, radio stations and newspapers where you and I can find information and opinions that aren't always covered by the corporate-owned Big Media outlets.  But their future independence is in doubt if these rule changes go through.
The health and vibrancy of our democracy depends on a diversity of voices.  We must ensure that independent voices aren't silenced by the disappearance of independent media outlets.  We can't allow more media monopolies.
We demand that the FCC reveal their plan for media ownership to the American people.  And we demand that we have enough time to review it and submit our response to it.  We will not take "no" for answer.
Therefore, we are urgently calling for Congressional hearings into the FCC's plans for media ownership and we need your help.  Please contact your Representative today!
We need to have public hearings in the next few weeks -- before Congress leaves for holiday recess -- to fully investigate and reveal the FCC's plans for media consolidation.  Time is short.  Let's do everything we can to spark that grassroots firestorm.
Thanks for all you do.
Bob Edgar
President, Common Cause